[Game help] money

The Shattered Kingdoms have a cohesive monetary system which is valued
equally by all kingdoms, though each manufactures its own coinage.  The
universal valuation of all coinage promotes free trade.  While there is
some fluctuation in the price of a loaf of bread, you can buy one with
the coins of any kingdom.  Here is a breakdown of the monetary system:
Copper coin - the basic unit of exchange (1)
Silver coin - worth ten copper, one day's labor for a peasant (10)
Gold coin - the most common coin for trade (100)
Platinum coin - not used as frequently as the gold coin (1,000)
Obsidian coin - used for large transactions, rarely seen (10,000)
To give money to another player, give   .
You must have the type of coin that you wish to give in your inventory.
Even though a gold is worth ten silver, if you have one gold coin, you
can not give another player five silver, unless you also have the silver
coins in your inventory.
See also: bank worth