Sir Viltrax, The Wandering Knight
A rare sight in realms, Sir Viltrax was a paladin - a High Knight of Dulrik.
In the years that he walked the realms, he was involved in many a battle, be
it of violent justice upon those who violated the laws of either Taslamar or
Zhenshi, or unifying the followers of Light to wage war against followers of
evil and the practitioners of necromancy.
Those years are now long past, and the shade that wanders the realms is only
a spectre of his former self.  At times only seen from a distance, there are
some who swear to have trembled at his visage, hearing a deep voice admonish
them for their transgressions.  As the years pass, accounts of such meetings
have become even more rare.  What once was a campfire story warning children 
against misbehaviour has now fallen into forgotten folklore.