Tagg fought tirelessly to liberate griffons from their oppression and
earn the respect of hateful mainlanders.  Where mutual respect could not be
found, Tagg saw fear as a potential solution rescuing his kin from those who
might otherwise try to harm them.  He led an altruistic life, serving not
himself, nor any deity, only dedicated to his kin.

He joined the ranks of the Talon at an early age.  Tagg could not refuse the
pleas of Arielyn Lu for help in protecting the Kingdom of Zhenshi, a
traditionally safe place for griffons.  Tagg took an oath to exercise
patience and tolerance as virtues of Zhenshi, a kingdom welcoming any,so
long as they are obedient to the rules.  A Hero tournament was held and for
three months, Tagg fought with all of his strength to win the title that
would propel the social placement of griffons.  At the closing ceremony,
Tagg drew upon Divine power to claim the soul of a famous poacher, Krintek. 
Shortly after, a group of tricksters evaded persecution for heinous crimes
committed on Zhensh soil, Tagg sought justice for those who had trespassed. 
The tricksters became aggravated when they harshly learned that no crime
goes unpunished and brought routine hostility to Nerina.  Arielyn blamed
Tagg for causing problems and provoking War.  He believed that his commander
had become soft, more concerned for the wealth of

But this time to Taslamar.  His time in Taslamar was spent discovering what
position griffons had in the Kingdom, what gains were made, and learn of
those who had come before him.  Place of importance for griffons, Tagg
returned to Zhenshi to renew his oath to protect the kingdom.  Jorinthia
proved to be a much stronger leader, eager to eliminate any that disobeyed
the order of the Kingdom, despite their intentions.

Jorinthia convinced Tagg that the Hammer of Light believed themselves exempt
from obeying the laws of Zhenshi.  They frequently trespassed to hunt those
swayed by Darkness, shattering the principle of Tolerance that Zhenshi
adopted.  For several years, Tagg dutifully carried out the orders of his
Commander, engaging in acts he was not always comfortable with.  She
insisted that Tagg betray those whom he had called friends in order to
uphold the values of Zhenshi, leading to at attack upon Castle Morea. 
Confused and conflicted, Tagg resorted to avoiding Jorinthia for fear of
what she would make him do next.  Then, during the gleeful celebration of
Yiggmas, Tagg realized that he would not be tethered to a tyrant and decided
to liberate himself from the chains that he had once willingly adorned. 
Jorinthia sought to ruin the Yiggmas festivities, stealing presents from
across the realms.  She operated under the delusion that the Holiday would
generate chaos and mayhem, a dreadful thought for a dedicate

Tagg went to reside in the dominion of Uxmal, a Kingdom that rejected order
and hierarchy.  With Krintek gone, Tagg was comfortable residing in a city
not traditionally welcoming of griffons, relying on his strength and
reputation to keep him safe.  Here, Tagg met many walks of life that did not
reject griffons, but admired them.  He worked on patching up old
friendships, training young warriors, and trying to open the hearts of many
that abstained from befriending griffons.  Within Teron, there were no
limits to the freedoms one could enjoy.  Knew that he was not the warrior he
once was.

Nearing the end, Tagg heard of a young griffon poacher that killed in the
name of Nashira.  He challenged the hunter, Adriak, and killed him.  He
learned how the hunter had adopted a strong hatred for griffons, believing
himself loyal to his Goddess.  Countless griffon lives were lost to dark
creatures long before Adriak, but it was Nashira that gave them their cause.
Frustrated, Tagg challenged the Goddess to face him.  She arrived and they
spoke.  Desiring to see the end of mass griffon slaughter, she finally
welcomed griffons into her Cycle.

Before his death, Tagg decided to pass on his title of Hero.  He knew that
griffons everywhere would remember him as their champion and he would die
happily knowing there was someone to carry on his legacy.  He also felt
great joy to be welcomed into the Church of Wisdom and bear the symbol for
the duration of his final months.