[Game help] email

Syntax: email change 
Syntax: email confirm 

Upon reaching level 2, Shattered Kingdoms will send a verification code to 
the email address that was entered for your character during character 
creation.  Once you receive the code, login to the game and use the email 
confirm  command to confirm your email address.

If you do not receive a code via email, please check your spam folder.  If 
this does not help, you can re-enter your address using the email change 
command and a new code will be sent to you. You may also use this command to update your verified email address at a later date. Your email address will never be divulged to any third party. Only Level 60 Admins can view your email address. Your address will only be used by the server to relay important info about your character, such as password resets. A confirmed email address is required for automated password resets (coming soon). It will also be required for various future in-game benefits.