[Game help] loyalty tokens

Q: What is a loyalty token?
A: A new currency that can be traded for unique rewards.
Loyalty tokens can only be spent with future characters.

Q: How do I earn loyalty tokens?
A: - Confirming your email address.
   - Receiving rewards for good RP.
   - Receiving mentor points.
   - Maintaining paragon status.
   - Inducting a new member to your faction.
   - Being invested into a new faction.
   - Investing a new devotee to your flock.

Q: How do I lose loyalty tokens?
A: - Being penalized for poor RP or breaking rules.
   - Losing faction leadership due to inactivity.
   - Losing religion leadership due to inactivity.

Q: What rewards are available with loyalty tokens?
A: - Race/class combinations not normally available.
   - Permanent XP gain boosts for a character.
   - Instant resurrection.
   - Ability to unspecialize a weapon.

Q: How do I spend loyalty tokens?
A: - Verify your email at the start of the hall of creation.
   - Also through the use of the redeem command.

- Different builds require a different number of tokens.
- All loyalty token purchases are FINAL. No refunds!

See also: redeem email resurrection