[Spells help] Stacking Magical Endowments

Following a clash between the forces of magic and nature, the magical laws
regarding the permanent endowment of magical energy into items has been
altered to be more selective to the caster's will but arguably less powerful.

Magical endowments can be separated into three categories:
- Innate: Endowments placed on items through long lost rituals.
- Enhancement: Most endowments created using enchant or consecrate spells.
- Augment: MP/MR endowments created using enchant or consecrate spells.

When considering how multiple pieces of endowed equipment interact with each
other, there are different rules for weapon, armor and item endowments:

1. Weapons: Each weapon uses only its own endowments. Even if two weapons
are held, the bonuses are not combined.  Innate and enhancement bonuses of the
same type on the same weapon will stack for that weapon.
2. Items: For items the category becomes critical.  Innate bonuses of the
same type will stack across multiple items.  If multiple items are endowed
with the same type of enhancement bonus, only the greatest enhancement bonus
applies.  The greatest enhancement will be stacked with any innate bonuses.
3. Armor: AP endowments behave similarly to weapon endowments - they are of
the enhancement category and only apply when being struck on that piece of
armor. In contrast, MP and MR endowments are of the augment category and
therefore stack across bonus types and multiple pieces of armor.

See stacking-examples help for concrete examples of item and armor stacking.

In situations where an endowment that is normally for items appears as an innate
endowment on a piece of armor, the law for item endowment applies.

Once an endowment is placed, whether it was cast through enchant or consecrate
is irrelevant.  For example, an AP enchantment can be improved through either
another AP enchantment or through an AP consecration.

See also: enchant consecrate identify stacking-examples