[Communication help] accessibility
Syntax: access

The accessibility command toggles on and off accessibility mode for users who 
are visually impaired. While accessibility mode is on, ascii art and other 
characters that are not easily verbalized using a screen reader are stripped 
from outgoing text before they are presented to the user.  This includes the 
ascii map displayed while in the wilderness.  Instead of the map, users are 
informed via the room title line that the are in a wilderness environment and 
can look in the cardinal directions to see the name of rooms around them.

Commands that currently are modified by access mode include: attributes, 
affects, score, release, look, and exits.  Visually-impaired users may also
find the nospam (as in "no spam") command to be quite useful.

If you have suggestions to make accessibility mode more useful, please contact: 

See also: wilderness nospam attributes affects score release look exits