[game help] Oathbreaker 
The oathbreaker flag is given to a member of a cabal or tribunal that 
breaks his or her oath to serve a life of service to a particular cabal 
or tribunal.  The choice of cabal or tribunal should reflect the 
intentions of your character and should not be taken lightly. Even if the
leadership of your cabal or tribunal dismisses you on good terms, the mark 
of oathbreaker follows your character.  
An oathbreaker may transition within his or her kingdom from cabal to 
tribunal even with the oathbreaker flag in tact.  This means that a member 
of the Hammer of Light that wishes to take on a more local enforcement role 
can leave the Crusade and join Exile's Peacekeeper force without immortal
intervention to remove his or her oathbreaker status.  
Characters are never guaranteed the opportunity to overcome an oathbreaker 
flag in order to join another cabal or tribunal outside of the above 
limitations.  However, with consistent superlative roleplay over an 
extended period of time that clearly demonstrates intention and loyalty to 
a new organization, a character may overcome the constraints of a lifelong 
oath.  This is an exceptionally rare event.  
See also: Cabal Tribunal