[Combat help] prone

Prone is the state of being sprawled on the ground.  It differs from
resting in that the character has been violently knocked to the ground
by an opponent.  It is a state with negative side affects and it normally
takes several moments before the victim can regain their footing.

Prone can be caused by a variety of abilities including trip, bash,
gore, dig, earthquake, crush, spirit horde and being bucked by a mount.
A reflex save is allowed to prevent prone caused by most skills and spells.

Prone characters cannot move, flee or perform most physical maneuvers.
They cannot start a fight or begin casting a spell.  Any spell that was in the
process of being cast prior to being knocked prone is paused until the caster
can regain their feet and continue casting.  Rapid missile fire is impossible.
Melee combat normally continues, but with a large penalty to accuracy.

Prone characters can't dance.  But they can tumble or go berserk.  Combat 
casting reduces some penalties of being prone.  Kip up can end it instantly.

See also: trip bash dig earthquake 'spirit horde' buck flee cast 
          dance tumble berserk stance 'combat casting' 'kip up' reflex