[Game help] redeem

Syntax: redeem resurrect
Syntax: redeem retrieval
Syntax: redeem xpboost
Syntax: redeem mastery 
Syntax: redeem unspecialize  (mercenaries only)

The redeem command is used to redeem loyalty tokens for rewards that
are not specifically chosen during character creation.  

The redeem resurrection command will instantly resurrect a spirit 
back to life.  It will materialize at the portal stones with a new 
body.  There are no drawbacks to using this command other than loss 
of loyalty tokens.  The current cost is a single loyalty token.

The redeem retrieval command will instantly retrieve items from your
corpse or petrified statue.  See call armor for more details.

The redeem XPboost command can be used up to three times.  Each time
will permanently boost the XP gain of the character by 10% (to a max
of 30%) but each boost costs more tokens than the one before.  This
redeem boost DOES stack with the XP boost from Bonanza events.

The redeem mastery command will boost any skill or spell to the mastered
state.  The ability in question must already be trained to superb.

The redeem unspecialize command be used by a mercenary whenever
they wish to switch weapon specializations.  It frees up the slot of 
the named weapon type.  Thereafter a new weapon type can be chosen.

Typing redeem by itself will show available options and costs.

Loyalty tokens are only available to be spent on new characters.
They cannot be spent for the character that earned them or any
character that pre-existed prior to the token being earned.

See also: 'loyalty token' death XP 'call armor' specialize status