[Game help] names
This is a role-playing mud.  That includes not only your actions, but also
your name and your title.  If you choose a name or a title that is judged to
be inappropriate, you may be asked to change it, forced to change it or in
the most extreme of cases, deleted.  To keep this from happening, these
guidelines can help: 
     1)  Is it obscene?  If so, expect to be treated harshly by the gods. 
     2)  Is it vulgar?  If so, see #1. 
     3)  Is it IN CHARACTER?  "In character" is defined by the gods based
upon a number of criteria.  First, are the name and the alignment consistent?
In other words, a principled character would not take the name "Satan" or the
title "Horrible demon from Hades".  Second, is it a name you would be likely
to find in a fantasy (sword and sorcery) setting?  Names like "Eminem",
"Britney", "PearlJam" and similar names are NOT allowed.
     Basically, is it conceivable that the parents of your character would have
named you the name you have chosen?
     4)  Is it original?  Please do not use the common, over-used names of
famous characters from fantasy novels, as it shows a lack of imagination.  Try to
think of something original.
Other issues concerning role-playing and in character (IC) and out of character
(OOC) go far beyond the name you choose.  Keep in mind that Shattered Kingdoms
is a role-playing mud.  Gods can and do judge mortals for their role-playing,
and may reward or penalize you for your behaviors.
See also: title