[Game help] Hero Q&A

The following Hero Q&A is to be considered OOC information:

Q: What is hero status?
A: Hero status is a reward for characters who have proven over a long 
period of time that they stand above the average character in areas that 
are beneficial to the health of the game.

Q: How is hero status achieved?
A: Becoming a hero has multiple statistically based requirements:
   - Must have played a minimum number of hours AND game years to qualify.
   - The character's lifetime stats in each of four categories is scored:
     roleplaying, mentorship, leadership, player vs player combat
   - For each category, the average score for all current characters who
     have shown any participation in that category are also calculated.
   - The character's percentage relative to the average is calculated.
   - The four category percentages are averaged to form a hero score.

If your hero score places you at least 25% above the average player over
the combined four categories, the gods will grant hero status.

Q: What power do heroes have beyond those of ordinary mortals?
A: - Heroes take longer (+12 years) to reach venerable age.
   - Heroes do not have age penalties to their statistics.
   - Heroes no longer require food or drink for sustenance.
   - Heroes have a private forum for consultation with the gods.

Q: Can heroes lose their status?
A: If your hero score falls to the point where you are less than 10% above
the average player, your hero status may be revoked.

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