[Game help] punishment punishments

When a violation of the rules is reported or witnessed, the administrative
staff as a whole comes together to determine validity of the violation and
appropriate punishment.  We do our best to remain impartial and consistent
in punishments, and all punishments are posted for transparency's sake on the
Afterlife forum on the website (www.shatteredkingdoms.org/forums/).

With that in mind, different circumstances sometimes require different
responses.  A repeat offender will warrant firmer response than one outlined
in the rules help file.  Multiple rules violations in one circumstance will
warrant harsher punishment than any one of the rules would individually. 
The goal of punishing rules violations is to protect the fairness and
integrity of the game, and to prevent players from further violating the
games rules while still being able to enjoy and play the game.  We attempt
to use the minimum punishment necessary to make these goals a reality. 
Extreme circumstances of repeat offenders (no matter the rule violated) may
result in siteban.