[Alignment help] Aura

Pyrathia is a world caught in turmoil by the forces of good and evil.
Every character is caught somewhere in the midst of the fray and will
very likely have to take a side at one or more points during his or 
her life.

In Shattered Kingdoms, unlike many other RPGs, there is no option to 
be truly neutral. While a character may be politically, religiously, 
or socially neutral, he is invariably governed by good, evil, or 
selfish ideals. Selfish characters may lean toward either good or evil,
or they may oscillate as the strength of one side grows over the other.
However, it cannot be stressed enough that aura is an over-arching core
value of a character rather than a flavor variable.

Each character is further defined by his or her specific alignment.
These alignments are outlined in their own separate helpfiles. Please
review these to understand the unique expectations of each option.

See also: roleplay alignment

NOTE: For help on aura of negation, see help negation or help AoN.