[Objects help] thieves hoarding

Shattered Kingdoms has several measures in place to prevent hoarding.

Unlimited Items: Common items are unlimited and cannot be hoarded out of 
circulation. These include useful potions and armor for low level characters, 
certain keys, and some items obtained for the completion of quests.  Unlimited 
equipment is usually made of common materials such as steel, leather and cloth.

Thieves: Powerful or valuable items are known to the broader world and attract 
the attention of thieves. These manifest as characters having a chance to lose 
items between logins based on their level and the level of the items they are 
carrying. A character whose level is at or above an item's level has no chance 
of losing it to thieves this way. Thieves will also get wind of people who are 
carrying around excessive numbers of unworn wearable items, and will relieve 
them of those as well. This manifests as characters whose inventories and 
containers have too many limited items losing those items. In this case, a 
character may even lose items that are at or under his level. This is generally 
limited to armor, weapons, and other types of items that are worn, not held.

Monthly Update: The thieves will also manifest at the time of monthly updates. 
Characters whose login times have been very low that month will lose items. The 
lower the login time, the more items the character might lose. Characters who 
maintain a moderate login time will not lose any items this way. The system 
tallies time spent in inns and high traffic areas as worth more than time spent 
in the wilderness and remote areas.  If you lose too many limited items to
thieves during the monthly update, you will be marked with the hoarder status.

Shopping: If you attempt to purchase an item from a shop which might attract 
thieves, the shopkeeper will warn you and ask for confirmation prior to 
completing the transaction.

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