[Game help] who2

In this help file, we address the various aspects of the specific who list.
Each abbreviation corresponds with the race or class of a character, with 
an organization he or she has joined, or an accomplishment in the game.

[Gno War][GRD][HRO] Carlson Caine - Muse of Magic
[--- ---] Faelgrin Wumplestomp
[Spr ---] Iwell.
[--- ---][FST] Mizlah Steul, Bushido Sensei
[--- ---][LEG] Oberlin seeking Order
[--- ---][PAR] Paryk, Mercenary for Hire
[Hum Sor][FST][TLN] Tralia.
[--- ---] Xuquv - Heeding the Raven's Caw

In this example, the player is Tralia. Tralia can see that she is a human
sorceress, that she is a member of the Fist of the White Swan, and that she 
is a member of the Talon. She can tell that Iwell is a sprite, but since 
Iwell has "auto anonymous" toggled on,  his class is protected. Carlson is 
a known gnome warlock.

Even though she has never met Mizlah in person, she can tell that he is a
fellow member of the Fist. Information about other cabals, such as Xuquv's
membership in the Crucible of Shadows, is hidden. However, tribunal rosters
are considered common knowledge, so as Tralia can see that Oberlin is listed
as a member of the Imperial Legion and that Carlson is a Guardian, other 
strangers will know that she is of the Talon.

Paragon and Hero status are always public.

see also: who auto tribunal cabal paragon hero