[Game help] Happy Hour Q&A

The following Happy Hour Q&A is to be considered OOC information:

Q: When is happy hour?
A: Happy hour is a time period lasting for approximately 90 minutes each real 
life day. It is currently scheduled from 17:30 to 19:00 PST (Server Time).

Q: What is happy hour?
A: During happy hour there are a number of special benefits available:

- Accelerated XP gain and regeneration speed (as per normal bonanza rules)
- No XP penalty for raise death/breath of life/oracle of life
- No spirit disorientation from coming back to life
- Users of recall (or word of recall) go to the Crystallis Lounge

Q: Why would I want to go to the Crystallis Lounge?
A: There are many benefits to this location including:

- Aggression is nearly impossible in this location
- It is a safe place to gather a group for adventuring
- It is a safe place to role-play with both allies and enemies
- It is an inn for the purpose of increased regeneration while resting
- Free food and drink are available
- It has an astral note board and free materials to use it

Q: Why would I ever leave this nirvana?
A: At closing time all patrons are forced to continue on their journey.  If 
you arrive at the Lounge after closing time, you will be forced to leave.

See also: recall inn board death "happy hour"