[Death help] tribunal revival

While joining a tribunal may paint a target on your character's back, it also
comes with several benefits.  One of the most potent of these is revival.

The tribunal's revival ability may be used to return to life at any time.  No
corpse is required and there is no loss of experience points.  But this
ability does cause spirit disorientation.  In addition, there is a cost
to the tribunal's bank account based on the status of your character:

   * Initiate to Journeyman: 1 obsidian coin
   * Veteran to Master: 5 obsidian coins
   * Champion to Grandmaster: 10 obsidian coins

All tribunal financial transactions are logged and can be reviewed by your
tribunal's leadership.  Spending excessively on revival may have membership
repercussions depending on your leader's fiscal expectations.

See also: death dying disorientation money tribunal status