[Party help] no-party

Syntax: party create 
        party accept [player name]
        party accept [player name] with summon
        party accept [player name] no summon
        party decline [player name]
        party info [name]

Before you have joined a party, the following party commands are available:

Create  forms a new party with you as the leader.  If no name 
is specified, the party will be automatically named after the leader.

Once you have been invited to join a party, accept [inviter name] will
allow you to accept the invitation.  Under certain conditions, you may be able
to accept from a long distance.  If you do, a summons may be offered by the
astral conclave for a small fee.  Specify with summon or no summon to
either accept or decline the transportation and payment.

If you are not interested in accepting an invitation to join a party, you 
may always decline.

You may use the info [target] command to examine the formation of any
other party, regardless of your own party status.

See also: party, party-leader, party-member