[Skills help] envenom

Syntax: envenom  with 
Syntax: envenom  

Envenom allows piercing and slashing weapons (including ammunition) to be
coated with the essence of certain herbs or potions to increase the weapon's 
lethality.  But not only is skill required when compounding and applying the 
venom, it is also required when attacking with the weapon to ensure it does
not evaporate and is transferred to the victim without losing potency.

While poison is an obvious choice for venom, herbs known to cause wounds 
when imbibed are also prime candidates for venom.  No other types of herbs
are currently known to be useful as venom.  Applying multiple doses of the 
same herb will cause the venom to stay freshly applied for an increased 
duration, but will only increase the potency by those intelligent enough 
to compound effectively.  Dexterity also affects application and strike.
Different types of herbs can be applied to create combination venom. 

Depending on the potency and intelligence of the wielder, an application of
venom may continue to be effective for several strikes before being wiped
clean.  Attacks such as backstab or ambush increase the effective potency.

See also: herbalism poison cause int dex ambush backstab circle