[Skills help] streetwise

Syntax: question  about 
Syntax: question  

Streetwise allows the user to locate adventurers via rumor and word of mouth.  
The skill requires that the practitioner question a informant and apply both 
their charisma and a bribe to help jog memories.  Powerful adventurers tend to 
be more memorable.  How precisely an informant knows the target's location is 
dependent on how far away you are from the target.  It may be necessary to 
travel to the kingdom or area specified and find another informant in order to 
zero in on the exact room they are located.

If an informant doesn't know anything, asking multiple times won't change the 
situation.  You will need to find a new informant and try again.  But you CAN 
ask the same informant about a different target.  Rumors are only available 
about adventurers who are currently in the realms.

See also: who charisma