[Spells help] feast of fear

Syntax: cast 'feast of fear' 

Feast of fear is a spell as complex and to be as savored as a fine wine. It 
is primarily a buff spell but obtains its power by stealing from the caster's 
opponents.  The victim is shaken, which causes a decrease in all stats. The 
victim gets a willpower save to halve the effect and negate the vampirism.

On the first successful feeding, the caster's stats (including their peak 
stats) will be improved.  Although the caster may feast on each victim only 
once, there is no end to the number of different meals.  For the next several 
targets, the caster's stats will continue to increase (although not their peak 
stats). Thereafter feasts serve only to continue the duration of the spell.

Feast of fear can only be cast by priests of Algorab.

See also: stats willpower algorab