[Spells help] elemental wall

Syntax: cast 'elemental wall'   

Elemental wall allows the caster to create a barrier out of one of the
four elements: fire, earth, air or water.  Each wall has unique abilities.

wall of air - The hurricane winds of a wall of air extend upward to infinity.
It is impossible to traverse while flying and can even stymie ground movement.
Ranged attacks bounce off but most spells can pass through it. A wall of air
is transparent.  It cannot exist underwater and can be dispelled.

wall of earth - A wall of earth is an opaque barrier through which no ranged
attacks or spells may pass.  It will completely seal a passage but when cast
outdoors it may be climbed or flown over.  A wall of earth must be supported
by the ground.  It cannot be dispelled but is vulnerable to dig or earthquake.

wall of fire - The flames of wall of fire extend upward to infinity.  One side
is cool but the other is burning hot.  A wall of fire is opaque but does not
obstruct movement or ranged attacks. However it causes fire damage and may melt
worn equipment. A wall of fire cannot co-exist with water and can be dispelled.

wall of water - A wall of water is an opaque barrier through which no ranged
attacks may pass (although some area effect spells are possible).  It will
seal a passage but may be swam through and flown over when cast outdoors. It
can be dispelled, needs a supporting surface and does not co-exist with lava.

Elementals may pass freely through their own element.  Elemental wall can
only be cast by priests of Yed.

See also: 'dispel magic' dig earthquake yed