[Game help] hoarder

Being a hoarder has been quantified with a status that will show up on your
character's score. During the monthly update, the game tracks how many limited 
items you lose due to low hours. If that number of item goes above a specific 
threshold, you will be stained with the scarlet [H] for the next 7 days.

o [Scores] [H] Hoarder - Holds Good EQ But Sits In A Saferoom All Day       o

Only that character (and admins) can see this status. While the status is in
force, the character will not be able to acquire NEW items. (Meaning new for
them, not newly spawned items). Any newly acquired items will always be stolen
by thieves at logout. The point of this is so that characters who are hoarders
cannot just log back on immediately after the update and reacquire all the
items that they just lost. They will be forced to wait awhile so that other
people have a chance to acquire them first.

It is relatively simple to avoid being flagged as a hoarder.  Averaging about 
30 minutes per day playing the game is a good rule of thumb.  If you fall below
that amount, give away or junk high level items that you don't keep equipped.
And if you plan to be (or realize that you have been) inactive for most of the
month, rid yourself of limited items (including equipped) before the last day.

See also: hoarding score