[Laws help] outlaw jail crime
Syntax: outlaw memory   (list crimes witnessed)
        outlaw list     (list wanted criminals)*
        outlaw  (to report a crime)*
        outlaw laws     (to view laws)*
        outlaw status   (your current standing with the law)*
If you are the witness to a crime, you may report the criminal to the local
judge, outlawing the criminal.  (*) To do so, you must actually visit the
magistrate and speak to him or her directly.
The vagabonds, murderers, and thieves that find themselves outlawed in a
country will be hunted down whenever they are within that kingdom's borders.
The more crimes they have commited, the more likely it is that someone will
catch up to them and attempt to claim the bounty for them by killing them.
The legal system is somewhat slow at times, so if you are not having much
luck speaking to the Judge or Magistrate of a certain country, you might
wish to get a hold of the local thieves organization, as they are well
known for being adept at avoiding the consequences of their actions.
A more reputable person may wish to contact the relevant tribunal, and
initiate discussions for a possible pardon.  Though not always guaranteed,
is one of the few ways to avoid serving jail time, apart from breaking out
of jail of course.
See also: tribunal