[Game help] paragons
Paragons are selected every month from among the ranks of the mortal
characters.  To become a paragon, one must exhibit consistently good
role-playing and be an active player.  Role-playing is measured
through accumulation of enlightenments received.  This total is
cumulative and will continue to grow as a character receives more
rewards throughout her life.
The paragon title is one of an out-of-character (OOC) nature, though
paragons are visible as such on the who list so that people know
their identities.  For their high level of role-playing, paragons are
given the ability to reward other characters for good role-playing.
With this unique power comes the responsibility to use it fairly.  As
such, the rewards given out by paragons are monitored by the immortals
and any abuse of this power will not be tolerated.