[Religion help] pray

Syntax: pray 

Prayer is a means by which a character may communicate directly with the
immortals pantheon.  There are many reasons why an adventurer in Pyrathia
may pray to or plead with the gods, and this command allows him or her to do
just that.  Prayer is a powerful tool that should be used with the conduct
guidelines in mind.  

While characters have roleplay reasons for praying, the pray command can
be used by players for OOC purposes, such as contacting an immortal for
assistance or reporting a problem.  As all prays are logged, it is important
that OOC ones describe the nature of the point of concern so that it may be
resolved at the earliest convenience.  Asking if there is someone around to
help is redundant: If an administrator is online at the time of your prayer,
he or she will respond to you as quickly as possible.  If you feel that a
situation is urgent and you are not receiving a response to prayer, you may
contact a staff member by his or her email address or forum id. Misuse of 
the prayer command may result in its revocation.

See also: conduct