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 Post subject: Rules Update 12/17/2015
PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:52 am 

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This is a clarification of Rule 1, since I have been getting a lot of questions and complaints about this matter. For reference, here is Rule 1:

Rule 1 wrote:

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This isnt an
abstract concept in Shattered Kingdoms. This rule has tangible
caveats you are responsible for following that include, but are not
limited to:
-Respect the fact that other players are here to enjoy the game as well.
-Out of character harassment will not be tolerated.
-Gear your roleplay to be inclusive of other players. This
means many things, but for example: you need to roleplay before
killing, even if your character is diabolical and insane.

-Be patient and respectful when dealing with newbies. Take time
to make sure they understand what is going on before treating
them harshly, even if they would seem to deserve it. Without
newbies, the game eventually dies.

I would like to make clear that there are valid exceptions to the bolded portion where prior role-play is implied. They are as follows:

- If you join a tribunal, you are announcing your intent to be involved in PvP. You are a valid target for anyone.
- If you are in a faction at war with another faction, you are a valid target for members of the opposing faction.
- If you make an elf, you are a valid target for a deep-elf. If you make a deep-elf, you are a valid target for an elf or another deep-elf. In Shattered Kingdoms, the elf and deep-elf races innately despise each other and may attack on sight if they wish. Furthermore, deep-elves in Shattered Kingdoms have a long history of rivalry and backstabbing and may attack each other on sight. If you want to roll up a deep-elf whose raison d'ĂȘtre is to rack up kills on elves and/or other deep-elves, have at it.
- If you are in a group with any of the above, you might get caught in the crossfire if that character gets attacked. Group up with them at your own risk.

In all cases, these things make you a valid target. They do not excuse you from having to adhere to the Golden Rule yourself unless you are going after another valid target. They also do not absolve you of any in-character consequences that might follow from your actions. In none of these cases do these exceptions supersede alignment or class-specific role-play demands with regard to PvP activity. A principled character should not attack a principled tribunal member just because that character is in a tribunal. They also do not supersede the mandate to "be patient and respectful when dealing with newbies." Common sense (Rule 10) still applies. If you wish to engage in PvP against someone who doesn't fit the above criteria, you absolutely must take time to role-play with them first. They must understand that they are being targeted and have a chance to enjoy some role-play with you before you take their head off.

None of this excuses griefing other players. It is acceptable to kill a random deep-elf with your elf and then engage in some fun taunting and trash talk. It is not acceptable to camp out in a low level area and kill the same deep-elf over and over just because you can. Again, common sense applies, and you can expect harsh consequences if you don't adhere to the requirement that you must, "respect the fact that other players are here to enjoy the game as well."

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