In Shattered Kingdoms, you must pick from the very beginning the kingdom in which your character will reside.

Kingdom of Taslamar

The kingdom of Taslamar is a just and peaceful kingdom founded over a millennium ago. Fleeing from the Empire of the Bright Star, refugees went west. Across the continent, these exiles found a place of safety where they could build a government based upon their ideals. The leader of the rebels was named Taslamar. He helped to found the city of Exile in the center of the kingdom which now bears his name. Those who follow a good or balanced path will tend to find themselves at home here.

Main City: Exile
Tribunal: Peacekeepers

The Empire of the Bright Star

The Empire of the Bright Star is known as the strong arm of the east. The kingdom’s penchant for conquest is infamous through the realm. The Emperor, once a vigorous leader, is now better recognized for his lack of concern for the welfare of his people. Though the emperor himself is not intrinsically evil, many carry out wickedness in his name.  He allows the bloated, lazy, and inefficient bureaucratic class to control much of the kingdom. As a result, Menegroth, one of the main cities, is rife with corruption. Strong swordsmen and talented wizards are always welcome within the Empire, especially if their motives are not altogether righteous. Those who follow neutral or evil paths may find the Empire a suitable home.

Main City: Menegroth
Tribunal: Imperial Legion

The Dominion of Zhenshi

The Dominion of Zhenshi is huge, spanning the mountainous regions in southern Pyrathia as well as the deserts along the southern coast. Zhang the Usurper destroyed the natural wealth that Zhenshi enjoyed through its lush farmland and bountiful forests. His tyrannical rule raped the land, helping to bring about the Zhang Desert. Historically, Zhenshi tends to isolate itself from the rest of the realm, but events continue to bring the people out of their seclusion. Most of the human and elven population left Zhenshi during the Usurper’s Rule, leaving a land populated by the other races. Currently, the Imperial line has been restored by the ascension of Empress Manami Okamura. Nerina, one of the main cities, is an excellent home for any adventurers who adhere to law: any seeking citizenship in this nation can obtain it.

Major City: Nerina
Tribunal: Talons of the Feathered Dragon

Uxmal Territory

The kingdom of Uxmal lies in the center of the realms both geographically and politically. Uxmal stands between Taslamar and the Empire, acting as a buffer zone in peace and a battleground in times of war. Teron, the main city in the kingdom, is a riotously confusing city where even long-time residents can find themselves lost simply by turning the corner. A chaotic, lawless kingdom, Uxmal does not officially discriminate against anyone, and all are welcome to live within or visit the kingdom. However, individuals within the kingdom may make their individual prejudices known.

Major City: Teron
Tribunal: None



The following kingdoms have fallen due to political tensions. While you may visit them, they lack formal governments and tribunals. You cannot start from these kingdoms.

The Ayamaoan Alliance

The Ayamaoan alliance was a little-known, loosely arranged federation of villages and towns in the southwest region of the realms. There are few roads dividing the roads here, only the natural paths affording any sort of passage through the plains and forests. Many non-human creatures live here: along with the elven main city, the kingdom also boasts sprite centaur and villages. The major city of Sith’a’Niel was built among the boughs of a giant tree. Environmental agents attacked the tree and caused it to wither to the point where inhabiting Sith’a’Niel was unsafe. Entire populations fled the city, and political turmoil during this time largely destroyed the alliance.

Major City: Sith’a’niel

The Northern Wastes

The Northern Wastes’ isolated and sparsely populated people lack an effective government. But buried deep in the heart of the north is Krychire, a den of evil. Fabled for the necromancers who have made it their home, the Wastes are an oppressive zone where few are welcome to walk the streets. Most of those who live here are either evil or slaves to its power. Those with good intentions in their hearts will not find it easy to make their way in this land. The Council of Necromancers, which once controlled the Black Hand tribunal, went to war with the many tribes that rose up against their taxation and laws. The Council was driven into hiding by the victorious tribes, and law in the North was abandoned.

Major City: Krychire