The world of Pyrathia contains a large number of quests. Each quest, when completed, rewards your character in some way. These rewards can include a special item, bonus experience, or favored status with some group of people.

Most quests start when an NPC (non-player character) talks to a PC (player character). Not every NPC who talks to your character initiates a quest, but some do. Pay attention to the conversation, looking for keywords that might be used in response, to possibly trigger further conversation with the NPC. Most quests require your character to confirm that he will accept the challenge. You can use the “quest” command in-game to see any quests you are currently working towards completing. Some quests require you to obtain something and give it to a person. Other quests require your character to talk about certain things with various people. Sometimes, you must solve a puzzle. Experienced questers are in the habit of carefully reading NPC conversations for clues that spark or further a quest.

Room descriptions often contain clues about hidden things. Taking note of room descriptions allows you to notice keywords that you can “look” at for more information. Making detailed observations is a good game habit, particularly while questing. In many cases, colors highlight important keywords. There may even be some quests that do not require interaction with an NPC to any significant degree. Quests vary as much as their rewards, and staffers continually add new quests to the game.

It is recommended that your character always be visible when dealing with a quest mob, as many of them cannot interact with invisible, hidden, or camouflaged characters. Note that some quests also pertain only to specific classes, alignments or races. No single character is able to complete every quest in Shattered Kingdoms.

The following areas have quests available within them:

A’van Keep
Adventurer Academy
Anduras Cloister
Ayamaoan Outpost
Bakemono Caves
Bastion of Light
Blasted Chancel
Borderlands Keep
Cain Techt
Camp of Reyortsed
Caverns of Vaerlain
Central Eastern Empire
College of Combat
Crossroads Haven
Cursed Woods
D’Astae Village
Dashre Monastery
Fecket Piac’s Bazaar
Fuyu Finishing School
Gloom Caverns
Grahme Village
Grotto of the Doomed
Iron Citadel
Khardyl Village
Kol’s Moot
Kytar University
Lake Everclear
Laskieran Gardens
Moonshorn Academy
Mountain Fortress
Oakswarm Lair
Orc Hive
Paladin Camp
River of Death
Scout’s Encampment
Sophus Sanctum/Outpost
Taslamar Wilderness
Taslamaran Palace
Temple of Murder
Tethos Mul
The Amphitheatre
The Ayamaoan Academy
The Black Market
The Caves of Chaos
The City of Exile
The City of N’Kashya
The City of Teron
The Collegium
The Dark Realms
The Dead Volcano
The Dreamscape
The Encampment of Ebor
The Gypsy Camp
The Ice Fortress
The Infernal Dominion
The Necropolis
The Realm of Clouds
The Ruined Village
The Ruins of Owyran
The Sewers of Exile
The Taslamar Academy
The Tower of Dundalis
The Town of Krychire
The Tunnel of Aku’un
The Uxmaln Library
The Village Drukyul
The Village of the Lost
The Wandering Legion
The Wastelands
Tlaxcala Colony
Torrum Arcana
Town of Krychire
Tribal Grounds
Tsung Tao Monastery
Tsung Tsao Monastery
Uxmal Locations
Valley of Ashes
Village of Chibunei
Village of Elisair
Volcano of the Crucible
West Lothor Island
Zhenshi Wilderness