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Jan 2013
Shattered Kingdoms
Game time is 10 o'clock am, Day of the Moon, Winter Wolf 21st, 1534 T.A.
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Often in conflict and always dynamic with the ebb and flow of both war and arbitration, the following are the current rulers and their empires that make up the Shattered Kingdoms of Pyrathia.

An approximate map of the realms is available for those who prefer to discover the world on their own. For those who would like a more precise map, there's one based on the Google Maps API that we call the worldmap.

Kingdom of Taslamar

The kingdom of Taslamar is a just and peaceful kingdom founded over a millenium ago as a refuge for exiles fleeing from the Empire of the Bright Star. They fled west, across the continent, seeking a place of safety where they could build a government based upon their ideals. Taslamar, the leader of the rebels, helped to found the city of Exile in the center of the kingdom which now bears his name. Those who follow a good or balanced path will tend to find themselves at home here, though it may be harder for one of evil intentions to prosper.

Starting point: The Collegium
City: Exile

The Empire of the Bright Star

The Empire of the Bright Star, often known as the strong arm of the east, is well-known for its penchant for conquest. The Emperor, once a vigorous leader, is now better recognized for his lack of concern for the welfare of his people. Though not intrinsically evil, much wickedness is done in his name as he allows the empire be governed, for the most part, by the bloated, lazy, and inefficient bureaucratic class. As a result, Menegroth, one of the main cities, is rife with corruption. It is known that strong swordsmen and talented wizards are always welcome within the Empire, especially if their motives are not altogether righteous.

Starting point: Kytar University
City: Menegroth

The Dominion of Zhenshi

The Dominion of Zhenshi is huge, spanning the mountainous regions in southern Pyrathia as well as the deserts along the southern coast. The natural wealth that Zhenshi enjoyed through its lush farmland and bountiful forests were wiped out by Zhang the Usurper, whose tyrannical rule raped the land, helping to bring about the Zhang Desert. The one good thing Zhang did before his destruction was to discover superior metal wealth through his slave labor camps. Historically, Zhenshi tends to isolate itself from the rest of the realm, but events continue to bring the people out of their seclusion. Most of the human and elven population left Zhenshi during the Usurper's Rule, leaving a land populated by the other races. Currently, the Imperial line has been destroyed and the government of Zhenshi has become a Theocracy by means of a council of priests who rule the Dominion. Nerina, one of the main cities, is an excellent home for those who wish to follow a good or balanced path, though it is more difficult for those with evil in their hearts.

Starting point: Beastiary of Nerina
City: Nerina

Uxmal Territory

The kingdom of Uxmal lies in the center of the realms both geographically and politically. Ruled by Delhenan's iron fist, Uxmal stands between Taslamar and the Empire, acting as a buffer zone in peace and a battleground in times of war. Teron, the main city in the kingdom, is a riotously confusing city where even long-time residents can find themselves lost simply by turning the corner.

Starting point: Teron's College of Combat, known as Teron Arena
City: Teron

The Ayamaoan Alliance

The Ayamaoan alliance is a little-known, loosely arranged federation of villages and towns in the southwest region of the realms. The lands there are rarely divided by any sort of roads, only the natural paths affording any sort of passage through the plains and forests. The homes of many of the non-human races can be found here...the sprite village, the elven city, and the centaur village.

Starting point: The Pens of Sith'a'niel
City: Sith'a'niel

The Northern Wastes

The Northern Wastes are too isolated and sparsely populated to have any effective government. But buried deep in the heart of the north is a den of evil called Krychire. The city is fabled for the necromancers who have made it their home, though it is an oppressive zone where few are welcome to walk the streets. Most of those who live here are either steeped in evil or slaves to its power. Those with good intentions in their hearts will not find it easy to make their way in this land.

Starting point: Cells of Krychire
City: Krychire

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