Pyrathia – The Main Continent

Both astronomers and sailors alike agree that the world is not only flat, but it is in fact shaped like a disc. Sitting roughly in the center of this disc lies the massive main continent of Pyrathia. Few men can claim to have seen the edge of the world, because oceans surround the continent and stretch as far as superstitious sailors will go, with but the occasional island to
interrupt the sea. Even those who have magically traveled to the edge have not reported seeing anything worth the effort of such exploration.

Certainly the most populous section of the world, Pyrathians simply assume that they are also the most civilized. And at one time this may have been the case, for far back in the mists of time it is rumored that one empire ruled the entire continent with all races living in peace and harmony.

A Splintered Realm

But in the present, that legendary empire lies shattered into many pieces constantly fighting for dominance in a variety of shifting alliances. The largest is the lawless sprawl of Uxmal in the center of the continent. Uxmal acts as a buffer between some of the more aggressive nations. Radiating outward are smaller kingdoms. The dark and militant Empire of the Bright Star lies to the east. Necromancers of the Northern Wastes practice their dark magics to the north. The tolerant but ever besieged Kingdom of Taslamar spans the northwest. The fae races of the Ayamaoan Alliance thrive in the forests and fields the southwest. The serene but exotic Dominion of Zhenshi reigns in the south, near the desert. Beneath all of these kingdoms lie the Deep Realm. There, deep-elves war with the dwarves and their gnomish allies for supremacy.

Far from safe and peaceful, Pyrathia is a treacherous place to live but it certainly helps to create a hearty breed of adventurers…