A giant barbarian.


Shattered Kingdoms is a game driven by conflict. Mortals in Pyrathia follow different gods, pledge allegiance to different kingdoms, align themselves with different organizations and hold different values dear. However, over all of these minor conflicts is the very real and ongoing battle between good and evil. Guided by the gods themselves, this struggle thrives throughout the realms and manifests in interactions between nobles and peasants alike.

Historically, characters in SK have found it almost impossible to avoid conflict. Indeed, even the nicest characters find themselves at odds with the environment and the characters within it. The game itself encourages these tough interactions through scripted events. Conflict is, therefore, the “norm” for the residents of Pyrathia.

Players should expect to find themselves encountering conflict while they explore the realms of Shattered Kingdoms. However, they should also expect to role play these conflicts appropriately. Keep in mind that your conflicts are with other characters, not other players. Attempt to approach each conflict and setback as an opportunity for your character. Losses become the fuel for great victories.